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About Macfol Group (MG)

Macfol Group (MG), founded over two decades ago, is a holding company with its focal point as Nigeria. Our in-depth knowledge of the socio-cultural and economic climate of Nigeria has helped us extend our tentacles to diverse sectors of the economy.

We operate with a “value-added” based approach to investing in key sectors with demonstrable potential and guaranteed profitable returns. Our investment model aims to above all, maximize shareholders satisfaction, while generating wealth that contributes ultimately to economic development.

Over the years, we have identified that a successful business enterprise is often a result of the Intersection of like minds and an undiluted work ethic. With our extensive network of relationships, we are well positioned to discover viable investment opportunities across key sectors in Nigeria. This is supplemented with detailed research, expert analysis and the deployment of adequate capital to create long-lasting value for all parties with vested interest.

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Our Strategy

At MG, the diversification of our portfolio is our prime objective, and we strategically identify and develop customised investment structures that are specific to each venture that we undertake.
We typically invest private capital. However, we welcome strategic investment partners who share our drive for excellence in diversity, as we continually strive to maximize the satisfaction of all vested parties.