Macfol Consultants

About Macfol Consultants

Capital Market, Finance, Tax, Investment and Business Development Consultants (Macfol Consultants) is an international firm of highly qualified and experienced experts in the various fields of capital market operations advisory, financial advisory, tax administration and management, investment and business developments with an in depth knowledge of both developing and developed economies.

The establishment of the firm in 2004 was in response to the continuous growing need for small, medium and large scale enterprises and multinationals to fully maximize their resources and effectively participate in the global economic system, while achieving real growth and development. The idea was that these organizations could leverage on expert advice and professional input from the resources available at Macfol.

Macfol Consultants is an efficient, multi-disciplinary consulting firm that is committed to quality service delivery.

General Consulting
Business Development
Management Consulting


To provide financial advisory and technical services to Clients, for development, investment and economic growth.

Macfol Consultants is determined to contribute substantially in creating mutually beneficial relationships between clientele and the rest of the business world, with a view to translating this into wholesome economic development for the affected organizations and the nation at large.

Specific Objectives

  • To assist public and private sector organizations in redirecting their policy initiatives for sustained growth and development through appropriate financial advisory services.
  • To advise public sector organizations on improving their productive capacity and efficiency, for sustained growth and effectiveness.
  • To assist governments to formulate and implement relevant policies that creates an environment for the emergence of a vibrant, sustainable and independent private sector.
  • To provide general consultancy services for turn-around of ailing businesses and business enterprises.