Macfol International School

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About US Macfol International School

Macfol International School is a private school founded in 2007 with a vision to provide quality international education to both the expatriate and Nigerian community. The School is focused on providing ambiance for warm family atmosphere, strong religious ethos, multi-cultural exposure and commitment to the development of the whole child.

The School is governed by an Advisory Board which includes representatives of both parents and teachers. The Advisory Board is responsible to the Board of Directors while an active PTA provides support and valuable assistance to the school.

Advanced Level (A/L) Training
Cambridge A/Level GCE, IGSCE, TOFEL, SAT Training
SAT & TOEFL Examinations


To provide an environment where our students can:

• Achieve their optimum potentials for holistic educational excellence and skills to meet the challenges of the modern world;

• Acquire social and moral values that will include: fear of God, responsibility for their actions, honesty, concern for others, self-discipline and love for their motherland

• Develop a positive self- image and esteem; and the ability to work with others in a team.

• Acquire a global perspective and an appreciation and respect for cultures other than their own.


The School recreates the ambience of the ideal family atmosphere, while promoting the development of self-expression, a strong moral ethos, a multi-cultural social and business perspective of the world at large, and a commitment to the wholesome development of the leaders of today and tomorrow.
The Advisory Board, which is the governing body of the school, includes representatives of both parents and teachers, and has its focal point as the development and delivery of world-class education to its students and parents alike. The Advisory Board is responsible to the Board of Directors while an active Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) provides support and valuable assistance to the school.

Master Plan

The MIS advisory board perpetually undertakes an extensive study of the Nigerian education sector vis-à-vis what is obtainable at the best schooling destinations worldwide, with a view to unearthing areas of deficit, while actively seeking and proffering solutions to these deficits.

Identified areas of improvement include:


The developed world has embraced technology as arguably the most important tool for training and learning. Subsequently, at MIS, we have invested a great deal in improving the use of technology for effective classroom teaching, curriculum development and teacher training.

Staff Self-actualization

Staff training has been identified as an area of lack in the Nigerian educational system. Our approach to staff training ranges from technical training encompassing international curriculum development, standard best-in-line train the trainer practices, Information and communication technology exposure, to personal training comprising leadership, morals and, etiquette training.

At MIS, we strive to continually improve the conditions of service of our staff by helping to identify and define their career paths, through facilitating their membership of relevant professional bodies, and the provision of beneficial schemes for remuneration, housing, medicals, and pension. These and much more have translated to an overall improvement in staff morale and productivity.

Extra Curricular activities / Vocational Training

At MIS, in congruence with our commitment to the wholesome development of the Child, we do not restrict the focus of our training to academics alone, as we have successfully integrated extra curricular activities and vocational trainings into our program, with the focal point being the development of social and technical skills that will be useful in overcoming day-to-day challenges.

We enjoy a strategic alliance with the IBB International Golf and Country Club, Abuja, providing students with the opportunity to learn Golf, Tennis and Swimming, while also actively training students in Music reading and writing, Culinary skills, Fashion designing, amongst others.

What We Do                    

We have classes for:

  • Toddlers – (Ages 12 months to 18 months)
  • Pre Nursery/Nursery classes – (Ages 18 months to +-4 years)
  • Primary Classes – (Grades 1 to 5)
  • Junior Secondary Classes – (JS 1 to JS3)
  • Senior Secondary School – (SS1 to SS3)
  • Advanced Level (A/L) Certificate Courses
  • Cambridge A/Level GCE, IGSCE, TOFEL, SAT,

We offer:

  • Day/Boarding and Co-Educational school
  • All-Round Education
  • Practical Oriented Classes
  • Well-equipped sports facilities
  • Centre for Cambridge International Examination
  • SAT & TOEFL Examinations